Alexander's Heating & Air Conditioning assists home and business owners in Guin, AL and surrounding areas with taking superior control over their indoor environment.  An upgrade to a WiFi thermostat not only pays for itself but makes everyday life easier and more comfortable.  Contact us at (205) 468-3341, and we’ll match your requirements, expectations, and HVAC equipment to the ideal control unit.  Along with customized recommendations and industry leaving innovations, we provide proper, quick, and seamless installation, and set up and familiarize you with operation and features.

Enjoy the convenience of a WiFi thermostat installation!

Why make the change to a WiFi thermostat?  You’ll no longer need to be on the premises or anywhere near the thermostat to monitor, make changes to, or program HVAC equipment.  Whether you’re away on vacation, stuck in traffic, or curled up on the couch, your smartphone, tablet, or laptop offers easy access to everything from indoor/outdoor temperature to weather forecast, maintenance alerts, energy tracking, and much more.  You’ll no longer need to remember to make adjustments before you leave the house or go to bed at night. Your smart thermostat actively works to enhance comfort, trim energy usage, and take better care of essential heating and cooling equipment.

The NATE-certified, licensed, and factory authorized team from Alexander's Heating & Air Conditioning is here to simplify your heating/cooling requirements.  As your hometown HVAC providers, we deliver skilled service and a satisfying end result throughout Guin, Winfield, Brilliant, Hamilton, Sulligent, Fayette, Vernon, Beaverton, AL, and more.